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On this "THANKFUL Memorial Day".

Updated: May 31, 2021

This song ¨Hanging Out With The Boys¨ was written and recorded (demo) by me in 2004, after watching footage of US Marines sleeping (or trying to) in some Iraqi hellhole, all huddled together in their ponchos like puppies (whose mom had run off) trying to stay warm and dry. It looked like it pretty much sucked, but American fighters have been in tight, miserable spots before - many, many times. This is the day for us to be THANKFUL for the Men and Women who gave everything to us. Everything!

The song came pretty quickly; I had it sketched out with a scratch demo that night. I was proud of it. Still am.

At my age, this song was about the only thing I had to contribute on the subject of breaking things and killing people.

After stealing a load of photos from people who left them scattered around the internet, I cobbled together a ¨video¨of sorts. People visiting my old blog ¨Homemade Sin¨ loved it, which pleased me very much. Some people in the lower quarters (the pre-cursors to today's Karens/Wokeskolds) came to hate it, and YouTube promptly took it down after almost 100,000 views. They said something about ¨objectionable content¨or other such bullshit I don´t remember - it´s been so long ago.

I re-recorded the track in my new studio in 2009, used the same photos, and uploaded a new ¨slideshow¨. Uploaded it to the aforementioned AssholeTube and, so far, so good.

I´ve had a whopping 1,786 views since 2009!

Also, this song is not available for sale on any platform. Feel free to listen and/or download.

So, from me to all of you, have a Thankful Memorial Day.

Update: I've noticed that people cannot comment without logging in through their email, gargle, or fartbook accounts. I'm sorry about this and I am trying to figure out a workaround. The new Wix platform I'm using looks pretty good and all that, but the "intuitive" part they tout escapes me for the time being. I'll figure it out before The Jubilation. And, don't any of you dare mention the name "WordPress" to me - it's the Devils Dildo™.

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